Lightweight Vacuums



HealthCare Pro

The HealthCare Pro is excellent for both hard floors and carpets with its powerful 2 motor cleaning ability. It is reliable for professional use, and its versatility and light weight make it an excellent machine for domestic use as well. As an option, it can beequipped with a Hepa filter for Healthcare environments or with a carbon active cartridge to remove offensive odors. It even offers up to six stages of filtration and convenient on-board tools. 

Diamante 300 

The Diamante 300 is the lightest two motor upright vacuum that has ever been manufactured. Equipped with a patented weight distribution system that provides an extremenly light weight handle. The all terrain vacuum design cleans every surface in your home and also dry cleans carpets and rugs. Easy to use, high performance upright with HEPA capable filtration is perfect for allergy sufferers.




*Not available in Eugene store

The Riccar RSL4 vacuum cleaner utilizes a 5.5 amp motor that is a little more powerful than the 4 amp Oreck motor. The Riccar RSL4 also utilizes micron filtration paper bags. The RSL4 has a benefit that sets it apart from the other Riccar vacuum cleaners. It uses a two speed motor. The higher speed setting is utilized for vacuuming carpet. The lower setting is utilized when sweeping bare floors, whether they be tile, wood, or linoleum.




Electrolux Sanitaire S634 home vacuum cleaner is superior to other lightweight uprights in performance and durability. The unit features a disposable triple filter bag system so dirt and dust remain in the bag for cleaner air. This lightweight Sanitaire has a 600-watt commercial-grade motor and cleans a path 12 inches wide. The 30-foot power cord makes it easy to cover a lot of flooring without finding a new outlet and the warranty protection is exceptional with a 2-year limited warranty on the entire cleaner.




* Available in our Eugene location only

Freedom F3700

The F3700 is the top of the line lightest vacuum available and with a lifetime belt guarantee how could you go wrong. One of the best things about this vacuum is that it is American made and can go where you go.





Freedom F3600

The F3600 two speed motor allows you to not only vacuum at maximum power but also at a reduce power level for those delicate carpets you may have. All of this in one neat little package of less than 8 lbs., WOW!