Bernina 440 (Pre-Owned)


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Pre Owned model – The BERNINA Aurora 440 QE Computerized Sewing Machine makes sewing easier than ever before. This multifunction BERNINA model combines all the features you need into one machine. A power switch lets you bypass using the presser foot to feed the fabric. This sewing machine utilizes a speed control feature that allows you to slow down when working on precision projects, such as intricate borders or with delicate fabrics or go faster for general needlework. It’s also useful for winding bobbins while the machine is in use. The BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) comes with three different soles for the presser foot. This feature enhances the free-motion sewing capabilities for you to work at any speed and still have a consistent stitch length, making quilting much easier. The BSR achieves this by lowering the feed dogs for the fabric to move in any direction while still keeping the same speed and material movement that gives an even length for each stitch. BSR technology operates similarly to a wireless computer mouse by using sensors to transfer information to the machine from under the presser foot as it moves and calculates the speed to keep the stitches consistent. Beginners will love learning the free-motion techniques with the freedom that the BSR provides and without spending dozens of hours perfecting the art. Users with experience love using the Aurora 440 QE to complete complex embroidery projects in half the time because of the BSR technology. The Aurora model features an LCD design screen to program patterns to sew and quilt using the machine’s memory functions. Use one of the 379 built-in stitch patterns, create your own or transfer designs from your personal computer with a USB connection and save them to the memory of the Aurora. Along with the built-in programming, this sewing machine is BERNINA ArtDesign Software capable of altering embroidery patterns to customize them with different colors, adding letters or original designs before stitching them. The machine’s LED sewing lights let you see better as you thread the needle and watch it work through the fabric. A favorites section in the pattern library allows users to pre-program the stitches and other designs that you regularly use. When you combine the storage features of the BERNINA Aurora 440 QE, it’s possible to put away the sewing, quilting and other craft magazines and books after you store that information in the machine’s memory. A dual feed setting is helpful for quilters when using two or more layers of fabric or thick, sturdy fabrics, such as denim and leather. This feature keeps the layers together, so you get an even and smooth stitch every time. Accessories for the BERNINA includes the free-arm slide-on table to extend your sewing space for extra-large projects. There’s also an extra-long free-arm that’s particularly useful to quilters, who need a wider space to work. This provides a full, 11-3/4-inch to the right of the needle when you sew quilts. The jumbo bobbin is another accessory that reduces completion times by giving you an additional thread capacity of 40 percent. It comes with a full manual, CD and onscreen help to guide you through each of the features. The onscreen assistance includes basic support functions, a creative consultant, and a step-by-step tutorial. With the ease of use, onscreen help, and additional instructions, you will quickly learn to love using BERNINA sewing machines.