Hasa Stain Out



Hasa Stain Out




Help stop stains from forming in your pool!

Super Stain Out is primarily used to prevent staining which can occur whenever fresh water is added to pools. Fresh water supplies typically contain some stain causing contaminants including metals such as iron and copper as well as calcium which builds up to lock in discolorations under scale. When Super Stain Out is added along with fresh water, it will hold these potential stain causing particles in suspension to inhibit stain and scale formation on pool wall, floor and tile surfaces. Super Stain Out can also remove existing surface staining. However, once stains are formed removal efforts may not be as successful as preventative methods would have been.

Directions For Use:
Use Super Stain Out as soon as fill water begins flowing into newly plastered pools, after acid washing or whenever pool is drained and is refilled.

For initial preventative or removal treatment: Add one quart Super Stain Out for pools up to 40,000 gallons. Super Stain Out will help prevent stains for six months or more.

For continuing maintenance: Add 4 oz. of Super Stain Out per 10,000 gallons of water weekly. Maintain proper pH balance. Swimming is permitted immediately after application.

For severe existing stains: Pour Super Stain Out directly over the affected area. Double dosages are permitted in extreme circumstances

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