Serger Sewing Machines

Here at Rich’s, we can help find the right serger machine for you! Are you a local fashion designer or an at-home hobbyist? A serger machine can be perfect for those finishing edges and cuts on your next big project. Sergers help you get that perfect look you’re going for in no time. speed is everything and being able the quickly finish up the perfect seam makes all the difference. For anyone serious about their next project, then a serger machine may just be the perfect fit for you.

Serger Machines are perfect for any stitching or Cutting Task and are ideal for those who need a machine that will speed up the process. Sergers are much faster than a regular sewing machine with a more efficient cutting system using high-power knifing. They are no replacement for the simplicity you will find on a standard sewing machine, but a serger machine is an amazing addition to any crafting room. Stop by Rich’s Sewing and Vacuum’s showroom today and get a look at our new and used serger machines.